This morning I turned in my final final exam and now all that remains is graduation. It’s been a good ride and a fun one. Special thanks to my friends and family who supported me along the way, I truly appreciate it.

Today was also my last day interning with the Marketing department. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with the office and I’ve made some professional connections that will last far past university years. I encourage students seeking on a on-campus internship to look to the Marketing Office. Some great people doing great work over there.

Finally, today will also be my last post on this blog…. as is only fitting that after Sunday morning I won’t be a senior at Drake anymore. I’ll be an alumni! My break won’t last long though. My internship with the Iowa Department of Public Health starts this Monday and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m positive it will be a great start to my young professional career.

Have a wonderful summer everyone! To all the graduating seniors – Congrats!


Spring: Just in Time

Sorry for the delayed posting… Finals, amirite?

Anyway, campus has been beautiful lately. With the exception of a few expected showers, the following photo about sums up what it’s been like here the past couple of weeks.

6289821376_5365d36ef6_bAs part of the Drake Photo Bureau, one task we’re assigned is to walk about campus getting good stock images of Drake. Buildings, students, nature, anything. The more high quality the photos the better.

One thing we found out during one of the many walk abouts is that GK and Aliber (the two buildings in the background) are not easy to photograph by themselves. But throw in a few trees on a freshly cut green lawn with the sun blasting through at just the right time… The buildings are transformed and play a vital role in composing the background of the photo.

For a moment in our prolonged winter in the Midwest, I thought spring wouldn’t show up in time for graduation. Face it, pictures in the rain are no fun. And inside pictures are equally no fun. I’m not saying it definitely won’t rain next Sunday, but at least snow is out of the picture… probably…

Happy finals week everyone! Good luck and sharpen those number 2s!




Top Five – Courses I’ve Taken At Drake

For four years and 8 semesters at university, a student generally takes about 40-45 classes. That’s a lot of information, and a lot a lot of reading (at least in my majors). Below are my top five classes I’ve taken at Drake as I look back at my four years of coursework.These are in no particular order as they were all equally great.

  1. Language and Gender – Wonderful professor, interesting and thought-provoking course reading, and fun yet informative projects.
  2. Environmental Politics and Policy – The title of the class is exactly the same as my major’s title… I’m glad I know I’m in the right place.
  3. Global Climate Change – I’m a nerd and I like knowing the scientific details behind an increasing climate.
  4. Eco/Environmental Anthropology – My anthropology interests combined with my environmental interests. An obvious choice.
  5. Advanced Geographic Information Systems – After the introduction class, I seemed to have a knack for the software.

As I’m writing this, I realize that at least ten other classes could have made the list. To me, that’s pretty telling of Drake classes and professors… Or, maybe I’m easily impressed. I think the former.


It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

May is always a fun month.

Classes begin to wrap up and finals week takes over. Summer begins and the weather (generally) warms up. Outdoor activities resume from their winter break. Here’s a nice picture of summer at Drake, taken from the roof of Herriott Hall.


This May is a bit different from the past Mays however. This May I will be graduating from Drake University.

When May comes, I always overhear people say, “It’s May already?!? When did that happen?” I think to myself and agree, “Wait, when did that happen?” This year, I don’t have the opportunity to think twice and return by saying, “Until next year!” or, “Looking forward to classes resuming the Fall.” This May, I look back at my fours years at Drake and realize how each year, each May, I changed in someway. New majors, new minors; new friends, old friends; new apartments, new pets (yay!), and on and on. This May, I look back at previous Mays and realize how fast four years really can go. With 17 days left until graduation, I can’t believe I once said (as a freshman), “I feel like I’ll never get to graduation – I still have 7 semesters to go!”

Should be an interesting May.

The title is obviously a Christmastime song reference because, well, it’s snowing outside and it May (ha!) as well be December outside.


A Drake CSA

I’m a sucker for a good documentary. As part of the Engaged Citizen Film Series, I attended a showing of American Meat. The flick features exactly its name – the industrial food system and its discontents as well as alternative food systems. It’s very informative and a well structured documentary. I suggest seeing it… and it’s on Netflix instant cue I believe.

One of the alternative food systems available to consumers is to participate in a community supported agriculture program. Essentially, a CSA is an opportunity to buy a share of food from a local farm and receive weekly rations of fresh vegetables and fruit, which can sometimes be certified organic depending on the farm, and convenient local pickup at a specified spot. The main incentive is the fresh produce along with easy pickup and payment, not to mention it is arguably more “sustainable”. The upfront payment gives the farmer an income to grow for the season and to profit with the intent of expanding their gardens incrementally.

After American Meat, I wondered why Drake couldn’t (or more so why they weren’t already) host and participate a CSA program for students, faculty, and staff. After a few emails and multiple meetings, the Drake CSA is officially underway. We have partnered with Wabi Sabi Farm (www. wabisabi-farm.com) and are currently accepting members that are interested in buying shares! Below is the flyer I put together that is being distributed across campus.

CSA Poster joFor a student interested in environmentally “green” solutions like a CSA, this project is really exciting for me. If you are interested in or know someone who is (in the Drake Community) please feel free to email me at benjamin.curtis@drake.edu or contact one of the two email addresses listed on the flyer. I also recommend looking at Wabi Sabi’s webpage… They are doing some really neat, fun, and creative things over there!


The Final Relays

Here are some pictures I snapped of my last Relays experience as an undergrad. These pictures are part of a larger Flickr gallery on Drake University’s page (I was lucky enough to shoot photos for them this year along with three other amazing student photographers).

That being said, I’d like to thank the Marketing Department for the amazing opportunities they have given me in the last three years. I wouldn’t have had such an amazing Drake experience without the wonderful people I’ve been able to work with and come to know quite well over the years.

Enjoy the following pictures and make sure to check out the rest of the Flickr gallery!

8683955999_9bc17ff9da_b 8684118483_cc11699679_b


After four years of Relay-ing, I can look forward to coming back and experiencing all the excitement again as an alumni! And speaking of almost being an alumni… Two weeks until finals and another until graduation! Scary. But really, really exciting.


Relays In Full Swing

Yesterday, I photographed the Grand Blue Mile. Today, I co-photographed Pole Vault in the Mall. Here’s a few shots going into the Thursday of Relays.

8679717614_027dac6afe_b8678538345_a4719ffd51_b 8675923441_265fe64ed2_b 8676942442_4e575ff3f0_b

As you can see, lots of fun. Coming up tomorrow is the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Hyvee Night at Relays Friday, which will feature many London Olympic rematches…. And I’ll be up close on the track. Oh, and here’s a bonus: a pic of me outfitted with cameras ready to shoot the Grand Blue Mile. Although it may not look like it, I was very happy to there and shooting the event… it was just bitterly cold… in April.



Happy Relaying!